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Monday Night House League

If you are a beginner hockey player,looking to develop your skills and want to understand how to play the game, House League will offer you the opportunity to learn to play hockey in a game setting. This recreational league is also open to players at any level of play. Each team is balanced with a variety of skill levels and experience. The emphasis is on assisting new players become comfortable in game situations and to help develop their skills.

Nanaimo Islanders Intermediate Team

This level of play developed out of our Monday night recreational league in the 2008/2009 season. With a year or two under your belt, players who are in need of challenging their skills in formal game situations will enjoy this type of competition. You should have some basic skills at passing, shooting and carrying the puck. You should be interested in improving you level of play through. You will have an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of positional play through competitive situations and some practices. This is our newest division and will continue to evolve to suit the needs of players looking for their first experiences in organized game situations. NOTE: this level is also open to individuals who have a higher level of hockey skill and/or experience, but are not able to commit to the more competitive schedule of the Veteran level.

Nanaimo Islanders Veteran Team

This team is designed for intermediate and advanced players who are committed to playing regular home and away games. Often referred to as the "Travel Team", players at this level should expect a high skill level and be prepared to travel out of town.